Information Technology

The Information Technology team consists of 19 members.


The team’s mission is to support student achievement and operational efficiency by providing recommendations for appropriate technical solutions for students and their families, employees and the community. The Information Technology Department is composed of three teams, Data, Research and Analysis, Student Information System and Technology.


The Data, Research and Analysis team specializes in analyzing student achievement, educator development growth and operational data with a primary focus of developing interactive reports. The data they provide is invaluable in supporting the schools with strategic and wise decision making related to teaching and learning.


The Student Information System (SIS) team focuses on meeting the needs of schools and offices by providing an accurate and highly functioning student information system through PowerSchool. In addition, the SIS team is responsible for the accurate reporting of student information to CALPADS, the state reporting system.


The Technology team ensures computers, mobile devices, data networks, phone system and application systems are operational and ready to support student instruction and teacher and administrator needs.


Through the Helpdesk system the Technology team is able to provide fast and friendly tech support.


The team provides strategic and logistical support to all departments within the organization.