The PUC National Human Resources Department team consists of 12 team members. Roles on the team include Chief of Human Resources, Director of Human Resources, Human Resources Reps, Credential Analyst, HRIS Analyst, Benefits Rep, and a Recruitment Team. The Human Resources team is dedicated to helping and serving all PUC team members and employment candidates with excellent customer service. Whether the employee or candidate has a question about benefits, pay, leaves, credentials, or recruitment, the Human Resources Team will help and support them. Inquiries that that cannot be answered by the HR team members are immediately directed to the right person in the organization. No question is left unanswered.  A highly successful practice of the team that is aligned with their commitment to excellent customer service is the annual round table discussions that the team implements at all PUC school sites with teachers. The round table discussions are held to gauge employee satisfaction, strengths, and needs. Results that protect the confidentiality of the group are shared with the school leaders and Superintendents so that appropriate actions can take place to further meet the teachers’ needs and increase satisfaction at the school sites.