A Message from the CEO

As we face this unprecedented time together, the staff at PUC National has remained engaged and vigilant in supporting PUC schools in the same ways they did prior to the onset of the pandemic, while also pivoting as needed in order to meet this challenging time appropriately.

It is times like these that truly test the fortitude of school communities and organizations.  As the co-founder of PUC National and PUC Schools, I can say without hesitation that over the course of the past 21 years, since I founded the first PUC school, we have faced and have overcome a myriad of challenges.

Each time, we faced the challenge head on, weathered the storm, and came through triumphantly when all was said and done. Although we have never experienced a pandemic before, I have no doubt that the outcome this time will be no different.

I have been deeply inspired by the dedication and commitment demonstrated by of all of the employees in PUC National and in the schools. Meeting the needs of the students, families, and communities we serve has driven our work each day, and we have collaborated closely together with this vision in mind.

I have also been inspired by the PUC students and families in the way they too have adjusted to this new reality. We are deeply grateful for the respect, understanding, and unity they have demonstrated as we all try to ensure student success, even during this very difficult time.

Communities that face and overcome adversity together come out stronger, more resilient, and more united. We are already seeing evidence of this. I have no doubt we will get through this tough time and be better for having faced and overcome this challenge together.

The entire PUC National team will remain committed to serving the PUC schools throughout this crisis and we remind you to stay safe, make sensible decisions, and stay strong as we face and overcome yet another challenge in the history of PUC.