A Teacher Appreciation Message from PUC Schools Co-Founder Dr. Jacqueline Elliot

Every day is a good day to tell teachers they are appreciated, but it is especially meaningful during this pandemic.

Teaching students remotely and making sure they continue to learn and succeed, has presented a whole new set of unprecedented challenges that you have heroically embraced with determination and commitment.  Thank you!

Teachers are the most influential and important members of the school community when it comes to student success. To a great extent, you hold their future in your hands. I am filled with gratitude for all of you, especially today.

In closing, I am including some statements below from students about their teachers. These students were members of the first graduating class from PUC Community Charter Early College High School. Their reflections help sum up why you are heroes and are positively impacting lives, on multiple levels, every day.

The teachers didn’t give up on me. They always had a positive attitude.”
“They didn’t let me give up. They pushed me.”
“Teachers care about our work and our future.”
“They’re always willing to help us.”
“They believed in me more than I believed in myself. I will graduate from high school and make them proud.”

Thank you most sincerely once again for all you do to positively impact the future of our students and our world.

Please stay safe and healthy.